Welcome to the Emerging Adults module for youth, ages 16-24, living in the Ottawa area. Here you will find a whole host of info, resources and activities to help you on your journey towards adulthood.

What's different about this module?

You may have heard terms such as “youth in transition,” “transitional age youth“, “youth aging out” or “emerging adults”.

Did you know that youth ages 16-24 experience a number of challenges on their way to adulthood? It’s true. The official news from literally everyone, everywhere is this: ‘Adulting’ is HARD!

A particular challenge for emerging adults is taking care of our mental wellness and accessing mental health care services. Fundamental differences and interruptions in receiving care for your mental health are all too often a reality when moving from children to adult mental health services. All these changes make this transition an extra large challenge!

The prospect of transitioning into a different system of mental health care can be overwhelming. So, we are here to help.


This section will include tools, activities and information all aimed to get you ready to make connections to services and learn strategies to improve your mental wellness.

Check out below for a sneak peek…

Transitioning to Adulthood

Both the challenges and opportunities, the differences between child and adult care, and specific resources to help navigate the mental health system through this time


Accessing & Advocating for Care

Including what to do before, during, and after an appointment to ensure your needs are met, as well as specific prompts to get you started!


Practical Tips

Discovering your strengths and increasing crucial skills to help you along your journey to adulthood. This includes developing emotional regulation skills, relationship skills and life skills for living more independently.



What can I do right now?

This is just a teaser of the awesomeness to come, but for now, we encourage you to build up your basic mental health literacy knowledge and skills and then come back to visit this page once you’ve checked out the following:

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