YNRA workshops

 To book one of our in-person mental health literacy workshops, we ask that schools book THREE-FOUR workshops in a single day. These can be split between different teachers at your school.

About YNRA Workshops

YNRA workshops are focused on mental health literacy and our Youth Facilitators are trained to identify and connect at-risk youth to appropriate mental health supports. During our workshops participants will explore:

  • The importance of having a balanced mental health
  • How to manage stress
  • New coping mechanisms
  • How and where to seek help or to help a loved one in case of need.
French Immersion Classrooms: We recognize the challenges that linguistic minorities face when trying to access mental health care services in French. Thus, we are prioritizing our French workshops for francophone schools. If you would like to book a French immersion class, please choose the English option.
Please contact info@ynra.ca and (613) 286-0019 if you need help booking our workshops.

Safety Disclaimer

Safety: Our facilitators are supported by a clinical social worker and follow a clinical protocol when a youth discloses mental health concerns. We respect the policies in schools and will always work in collaboration to support students in need. However, our facilitators do not offer medical advice or offer clinical services.


Description: We have all have a mental health so let’s learn about what that is. The goals for this workshop is for youth to understanding what mental health is, understand the stigma associated to mental health and to learn about what to do if one notices changes to their mental health and where to go to ask for help.

  • Intended Audience: Youth ages 13-20
  • Duration: 60 mins
  • Capacity: 25-30 participants (max 30)


Description: We all experience stress at some point in our lives. Wouldn’t it be great if we learned some coping strategies to help us manage our most stressful days? This workshop takes you through what stress is, how to locate stress and how to manage stress all while doing fun activities.‍‍‍

  • Intended Audience: Youth ages 13-20
    Duration: 60 mins
  • Capacity: 25-30 participants (max 30)

How to Help a Friend

Description: Friends are a huge protective factor in our lives so what happens when our friends ask us to support them? This workshop helps you navigate that in a healthy and safe way. We do not want you to become a mini psychologist, but rather, we hope that you will learn about the different resources in and around Ottawa and learn how to best support that friend in need.

  • Intended Audience: Youth ages 15-20
  • Duration: 60-75 mins (specified at time of booking)
  • Capacity: 25-30 participants (max. 30)

Growing Together

Description: Human beings are complex. It can be a lot to get to know yourself and meet your own needs much less figure out how to socialize, connect with and support others! This workshop helps youth understand the factors that connect us all together, those that make us different, and how to navigate those differences. Participants will learn about concepts including basic social and emotional needs, neurodiversity, and empathy, and discuss resources to better support ourselves and one another.

  • Intended Audience: Youth ages 13-20
  • Duration: 60 mins
  • Capacity: 25-30 participants (max 30)

Request a Workshop

Step 1

  1. Go to YNRA.CA/workshops
  2. Determine your learning needs (review our 4 featured workshops)
  3. Click the “BOOK NOW” button

Step 2

  1. Choose your details
  2. Language (English or French)
  3. Workshop type (In-person or Virtual)
  4. Date & Time
  5. Select your workshop (Wellness 101, StressLESS, How 2 Help a Friend, Growing Together)

Step 3

  1. For virtual workshops, choose your delivery option

Step 4

  1. Chose either Google Meets or Zoom
  2. Remote: Participants join remotely on their own devices
  3. In-Class: Participants & educator join as a group on one device
  4. Hybrid/Synchronous: Some join remotely, and others from in-class
  5. Complete your booking request
  6. Complete ALL required questions in the intake form, wait for a booking confirmation.
  7. If approved, further instructions will be sent via the confirmation email.