Youth Mental Health Services in Ottawa

Welcome to our services and booking page. Please scroll through our services and follow the links and instructions to book a virtual workshop or refer a youth to our programs.

We care about the well being of our youth in the community. This is why we, with the help and input of our youth, have put together‍‍‍ these services for you. We know that everyone has a mental health and ‍‍‍we also know that it is important and to learn. Feel free to invite us to your space; we have a lot to say!‍‍‍

Virtual Workshops

View a list of all available virtual workshops that YouthNet RéseauAdo offers with comprehensive details. Click here to read more.


View a list of all youth programs that YouthNet RéseauAdo hosts. Click here to read more.


For more information about any other service, or if you have any general inquiries about YouthNet RéseauAdo, please contact us anytime!