YouthNet is driven by its youth, whether it be through our participants or our facilitators. We engage in conversations that matter to you, and ensure that we are doing the best we can through constant evaluation by youth.

We are founded on the concept of youth supporting each other as the main source of energy that drives our organization forward, we call this Youth Engagement.

Youth Advisory Committee (YAC)

YAC is a group of youth from the community who meet on a weekly basis on site at YouthNet. YAC is involved in programming decisions and promotion, partnerships with community organization on various mental health projects, as well as planning and running mental health related events in the city. All youth who attend YAC are provided with volunteer hours and registration is ongoing, so feel free to show up whenever you would like! If you are passionate about mental health advocacy, this is the group for you!

Contribute to the #AskYAC Video Series

Have a question about mental health? Mental Illness? Stress? Coping? Sleep hygiene? Friendship? Resources? You’re not alone!

YouthNet’s YAC has launched a new youth-led educational video series called #AskYAC where youth (ages 13-20) from across the Ottawa area can submit their mental health questions and we’ll do our best to answer them with research, expert knowledge, and real youth experience!

Learn more about YAC and our new series in the video below and feel free to submit your questions in the following form:

Youth In Action

Youth are the main source of energy that drives our organization forward. We are proud to showcase the many things our youth are doing in the community. To see more about what our youth are up to, check out our very active social media! If you are interested in a program connect with us!

ynra teens
ynra teens